Little Squiddles smiles to the world!


A big hello and welcome to my newly updated blog. It used to be my design showcase on Blogger account. I’ve moved all my postings here. This blog is general about life, likes and everything else. If you wondering why I called the heading that way, it has an interesting story. After my mates watched Ice Age 2 when Sid the Sloth said ‘Call me Squid’. They started to called me ‘Squid’ and it evolved in time with  ‘Squiddles’ . And ‘Little’ cause I am the last born.

Well after my two year in the United Kingdom, being Londoner specifically. It’s been such a character building being in that part of world, interacting with new people and having a cosmopolitan lifestyle. While there I got to see the best the London could offer.  Seeing the museums and historic sights like Windsor to Hampton Court. It’s just so amazing the history and culture is well preserved! I have had my experiences being up and down. But my first English summer was horrible, and the second one was improvement. Really enjoyed my time having picnic in the parks, a pint in the pub and just a general walks. It’ such a breath taking seeing the green English countryside, very good memories. The best of all I’ve made friendships,that will last a lifetime!

Now I have found myself back home in South Africa. Yay, I am loving the sunshine and warmer weather so far! It’s doesn’t even feel like winter so far. Generally the mood from the people about the country seems to be positive since I’ve been back for few weeks. With so much emphasis when we about to host the 2010 World Cup. There is so much being sorted out and new constructions everywhere.

The most amazing thing you come across in South Africa is a complete stranger would greet, smile and talk to you.

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