Mzoli’s For Sure

Since I’ve been in Cape Town for a year and seven months or so. I have never considered going to the township called Gugulethu and have heard loads of stories about a place called Mzoli’s Meat! On Sunday, a group of us went to check out this place for our mate’s farewell to Germany.

Well first thing, trying to find a street’s name in townships ain’t fun especially when it’s called NY115. Yep that’s the township for you. We got a little lost but eventually asked to direction from one person at the squatter camps. Strange thing when we were driving around. Loads of luxury cars parked outside these squatter camps. That’s another story itself.

Ok another rookie mistake going to this place. Make sure you book your table before hand especially when it’s quite popular place and you have about 15 guests. But with the little hustle, we had to sweet talk the dude who books the tables as well we were lucky enough they had a cancellation. We eventually settled in, started to ordering our meat and few drinks. Wow,  it was the cheapest consider the amount of it. R10 for a 350mil beer in Cape Town!

By the time we got our meat done the place was packed with loads walks of life, quite cosmopolitan crowd and awesome tunes pumping.  The whole group was in full swings. Chatting and having fun! Oh did I mention the meat tasted good:)

Mzoli’s cosmopolitan crowd

After reluctantly, refusing to dancing. Feeling the tiredness from six days at work. The banging tunes played by Scottish DJ who I forgot his name were calling. And busting some moves which killed me later on. We left the venue with such a fun memory – train dancing!

All in all, it was amazing experience to be there:) Can’t wait to do it again by making sure I come earlier again, book a table and not tired!

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