Juicy Trends

Especially there has be loads of cool trends at the moment in the fashion industry. I quite like the fact I am seeing this is filtering through our summer ranges at the moment since I was in the UK for summer. I am seeing lots of floral, stripes, and cool bright colours. It’s going to be a great summer!

Gok Wan for Sainbury's TU: Ultimate wrap dress Photo: J Sainsbury

Anyhow, I just been reading loads of article from the UK by chance. One thing I came across is Gok Wan doing with the Sainsbury’s TU collection for low prices with two of my favourites pieces are the ultimate wrap dress and oversized shirt, teal – for varies shape sizes. But the rest of collection I could say it’s not all best but refreshing. Since people are usually stuck in the same boring cuts every season. You can say our ‘High Street’ or ‘Low Price’ brands can learn a lot from these examples by introducing a great clothing line at affordable prices. We have closest brand similar to the UK’s Primark or Sainbury’s but they either falling short on quality or low prices for the masses. Since we have the extremes of poverty and wealth gap would take years to get the balance right with the affordable clothing line with quality or even longer with the current state of the financial turmoil.

Another growing trend is plus size models and fashion industry is offering more plus sizes on the increases, which is exciting for the women who usually force fed the waif thin model look. I am so glad this has changed a little since the last time I wrote my thesis called ‘Manufactured Desire’ about seven ago focusing on fashion industry on using untenable beauty and body image.

Nancy Upton's entry

There are always going to be controversies coming with upcoming trends. I read an article about American Apparel’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ competition which models had to submit a binge-eating shots showcasing the American Apparel XL clothing line. One of models, Nancy Upton, submitted a tongue and cheek images that’s pokes fun of the industry or marketers of their delayed support of the plus size models.

The plus-size models also have pressure to loose weight. Examples of recent models who lost weight are Sophie Dahl and now Crystal Renn, who been raised evebrows with her new figure. On the positive note I came across this I Choose Love article about a French model, Tara Lynn, who’s curves are showcasing her natural beauty. I pretty surprise media is still having curvy vs skinny, the issue should be how healthy current weight is good for you.

Tara Lynn on Vogue Italia Magazine

Lastly, rad fashion blogs, Refinery 29  and T Magazine. Check them out.

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