Lekker, Language!

The English language is the common language to communicate across, even though there are more Mandarin Chinese speakers. This language varies around the English speaking countries. One of things I love in this country is our version of our language. We have terms, that no one else uses. You start appreciating it too.

I started to notice this while I was in London, when I was around varied communities of South Africans, Australians, English, Canadians and Kiwis etc. When South Africans or Saffas would speak words like china instead of mate etc, to traffic light which we call robots. That was funny at times in a way I would adjust myself from saying these words around other communities. You’d see sketches of a South African in Harry & Paul’s Pik Reading, a gym instructor.

We have some words incorporated with English language from the Afrikaans & Dutch influence, like lekker, a word for nice or good. We have so many South African words that flow so naturally. Surprisingly, there are always a commonly used word for each town or culture.

Lastly, I’ve been loving the viral video called ‘Shit South African Say.‘ It made me laugh and love our version of the language.