Don’t Panic Coat-of-Arms Submission

My Coat-of-Arms is actually an updated version to my original artwork I did few years back. I felt the original coat of arms needed to be a fresh, clean and solid line work. The Don’t Panic Coat of Arms  Submission came at the right time.

So here is the overview meaning of the my Coat-of-Arms. The Zulu shield and fighting clubs represent the strength and history of the my Zulu culture, also a representation standing up to obstacles. The crown and cross on top of the shield, are the wisdom and faith that kept me grounded or turn too through hard times. I’ve always liked the wing shapes, shown of the side of the shield. To me this shape represent a journey or travelling, adapting and growth. All this things incorporate within my own life. My motto in my life is ‘Faith, Love & Hope,’ which I try to live by them.

So please vote for my designs. I would like to thank Robyn (Vote her Coat-of-Arms too) for pushing for my submission. Lastly thank, Kers and Carl, who have been great inspiration and awesome true friends.