One Night in Cape Town

I was so excited when One Night in Cape Town announced that Deftones and Yellowcard were playing this year. Since I listened to those bands constant when I growing up.

Manchester Orchestra, was included on the bill. An unknown band to me. It seems the organisers, Oppokoppi, were pulling all stops again year. After the a great showcase of Bullet my Valentine and Enter Shikari etc, last year.

2013-08-08 19.25.09-1

I was over the moon on 8th of August evening on what to expect. Also I had fear I might be disappointed. This happened earlier this year at Ramfest with Rise Against. There were the one band I have always wanted to see. On that Saturday night, I was left disappointed with their performance. I ended up having a great appreciation of Bring Me to Horizon, who played on that night.

Ok back to the evening arriving at Grand West. Me and my friend, Cat, arrived a bit late on golden circle for Manchester Orchestra. Since we didn’t know their songs. But we ended up being blown away with the quality, sound and passion of the band. The crowd seems to be pleased too.

After the interval, we got really excited for the next act, Yellowcard! I was so happy to recall the old times in Durban. Where I used to listen to them. They started very well with enthusiasm. There were good but it was not their night I think. It felt if there filling a gap. The crowd seemed to be looking forward to Deftones and wasn’t really into their set. I was in the same mood too.

After the band, we tried to find a my mate who we met earlier, to stand with them. Buy crowd seem to have increased. It was a better choice to stand close at the front of the stage.

2013-08-08 22.02.35

As the sound team was setting up the stage. I wasn’t sure how to take Deftones after Yellowcard’s perfomance. Getting psyched up was hard. I started forgot when Chino, the lead singer, and rest of Deftones entered the stage to a roaring crowd, even with some empty seats on the stands. That couldn’t stop this energetic crowd from enjoying themselves.

As they played more of their set for the crowd it got better. It was enjoyable to see a band interacting with the crowd quite well.

When the played ‘Change‘ that was an emotional one! I had loads of old skool memories flooding in. Lastly, the encore that was amazing as Chino wearing a South African flag scarf. I wanted more at end but it had to end. I thought to myself, I had just seen one of the best performance.

In all this was well organised event. And I didn’t regret not buying the ticket. Can’t wait for next year. Now for Billy Talent on Friday.