Happy Travels: Brisbane

Brisbane was my first starting point in Australia. On, Friday I got stopped at the airport immigration with as a sniffer dog checking my bags. Almost laughed as I was looking out for cameras as I though I was in ‘Border Security.’ But that was over within 2mins. And they let me through.

Otherwise, it has been a great start of my Australian holiday in Brisbane. Stayed in East Brisbane, a lovely neighbourhood, where my hosts, Neds and Nick are based.

The whole city is built around the river. The ferries, are one of the public transport used. On the Saturday, we used one of these and headed to Southbank. Similar to the London one. An amazing pool, park and entertainment area. This is ideal for tourists and a great summer hangout for the locals. Weather is also similar to Durban.

Everything in the city is modern and accessible. I couldn’t believe how easy and cheap to get your mobile number.

People are very chilled and laid back. As I noticed when we went to Eat Street Markets on Saturday eve. You’ll notice some of food and drinks are expensive. Example buying a beer would cost you around $8. Consider I would pay one third at home. We are lucky. Off course you have to understand the standard of living is different here too.

Just experiencing the short stay has been informative. I wish I could have stay longer. But next stop in Noosa.

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