Showcase: Step into the Light

On Monday 13th of August, I had an opportunity to exhibit my artwork submission for Common Ground Church’s People Can Change Exhibit in line with the church’s series. It was a small occasion but a major inspiring evening to be involved. Getting to meet various creatives and comments from the people was a blessing. On the video below, have a look out for other creatives, also I am on it, describing for our artworks.

This exhibition is travelling on Sundays in various Common Ground Church‘s sites. Artworks on display before and after the meetings on the following Sundays: 26 August in Rondebosch AM & PM, 2 September in South AM & PM, 9 September in the InnerCity and 16 September in Wynberg.

My Submission: Step into the Light

Medium: Digital Mixed Media (Printed on Canvas)

Description: The step from the darkness to the light doorway is representation of a start to a change in the presence of God. Romans 12:2 (NLT) is the best description for the person stepping towards the light, ‘Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.’

Splendid Inspiration #1

Last week I came across a numerous inspirational illustrators to digital artists while online browsing. One morning having coffee and viewing The Guardian, I came across an audio slide about an illustrator Molly Crabapple on her Week in Hell. An interesting piece documenting her project, As spent time for week in a hotel room, filling the walls with her drawings. This is inline with her book called The Art of Molly Crabapple, Vol 1: Week in Hell. As an interest I ended up searching for more of her work after seeing the audio slide. I love the style, humour, and elegant of the of the illustrations on her website. Looking at them, it seems there has a bit of influence from the 19th Century caricatures and drawings. Molly Crabapple is definitely has interesting creativity and imagination towards her work.

Another amazing illustrator is Fab Cirialo  which I come across the Computer Arts inspiration blogs. I got to view one of his pieces ‘Dorothy’ a drawing of a character from Wizard of Oz, who is edgy, current and trendy. I enjoyed the way his line work is handled and great coloring with an undertone of sarcasm and humour. The exciting bit are the iconic characters with a modern twist.

Lastly, a cool image drew me in called Frozen Frame by a digital artist sealtiel on the deviantART. The whole scene is just beautiful with details of innocence, facial expression and setting is priceless. You just fall in love with it!

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Love this City

I’ve picked up a few things I enjoyed and inspired about this city in-between, since I’ve been busy lately.


In brief. Last Monday, 19th March, I got excited about this. It was a creative event called 1LifeCreate held at my current church, Common Ground Church in Rondebosch. This is basically an event for Christian creatives to learn, network, share and be inspired. On the arrival in the beginning of the evening, The Kiffness played their sound of catchy and fun electronic music! Also with super cool videos playing in the background. Oh yeah, how can I forget the lovely yummy snack supplied. The best part of the night was the speaker, an artist called Phillip Barlow. He talked about his life’s journey, showcasing his artwork and sharing about his faith. Very inspiring work and artist. Lastly, there was great informative interviews from a photographer and a musician. This summed up the evening, being really amazing and wonderful interacting with the other creatives. I can’t wait for the next one!

Cape Town Carnival

This was my first time going to Cape Town Carnival on it’s third year on Saturday the 23rd March in Somerset Road. It was an enjoyable carnival with colourful costumers, amazing floats and great dancers. And some of the crowd seemed pleased seeing a guy jumping on a trampoline float to dancers moving like flamingos.

This carnival has the potential to rival Rio or Notting Hill Carnival. I’ve had a pleasure to view Notting Hill Carnival back in 2007 while I was in London. It was very colourful Afro-Caribbean carnival, maybe closest thing to Rio Carnival. It had constant floats going, various dancers, each floats with it’s own music or sound and just a great vibe etc. I did compare it with the Cape Town Carnival. This has a long way to go as I noticed, for a example – the floats were delayed, and timing for music & floats were consistent etc. I would love to see maybe few stands for people to see, not just from the big screens. As we viewed the carnival on a block of flats in which we didn’t even know one resident.

Even with these hiccups, I believe it’s still a young event with loads of amazing South Africa culture to showcase. So it’s one to look out.

The Car Guard Song

My latest favourite parody song from the Braaiday creators. I have been enjoying their Eminem & Rihanna parody about the guys who look after our cars – The Car Guards.

Design at a Glance

To describe my Saturday afternoon of the 3rd of March, it would be mixed with various great themes from fresh to innovative but also can be described as inspirational. This is what I experienced from my first Design Indaba Expo. Just stepping into the CTICC conference venue and checking out the stands helped fill a hole with in my creativity. I haven’t been around so many creative people in a while and the exhibitor stands had so many displays from sustainability, hand-made products, fashion, illustrations, ceramics and furniture ect. The awesome entertainment, from the likes of Riaad Moosa. He was a brilliantly stand-up comedian to relaxing you after those long walks browsing on the stands.

As this expo had so much to offer, there were disappointments in-between various exhibitor stands. I found some stands were more of a product placement than being creative & innovative products. Also the food being very expensive. Hope there will be improvement on that side in the future.

There were loads of exhibitor stands I enjoyed like the sustainable engineered products like furniture and laptop stands etc from Raw Designs to amazing wallpaper from Design Kist, as well as Andy Cartwright Homeware innovative products, and the impressive section of the emerging creatives. The one exhibitor from the emerging creatives that stood out without a doubt was Claudette Maskell. An illustrator working with print & fabric with an elegant and simple style in her work. Love one of her print called Mandala and I even ended up ordering one. Looking forward to what else will coming out for this illustrator.

Definitely Design Indaba will be highlighted on my calendar next year including the conference. So loads of saving for me next year!

Duncan Stewart

When it comes to his style of communicating through art, Duncan Stewart, is an expressive talented artist. It’s God’s grace, inspirational and just so amazing to see. He similar to Charlie Mackesy, I featured him on one of my earlier blogs.

It’s a pity I didn’t get to see him when he was having a talk in my current church called Common Ground Church. Even so, every single time I see one of his new art I get really excited and inspired.