Happy Travels: Noosa

Noosa is in north of Brisbane and close to Sunshine Coast. On Sunday, I arrived at the warmest welcome from my oldest friends, Pam and Tim Capp. I met them while I was in London. And it was cool to meet my new friend, Shaka, the dog. I really appreciated them opening their Queenslander on Sunday and Monday. A Queenslander is unique architecture building found in Queensland. Second one I’ve slept in on my trip. I am glad they were able to accommodating me, while in the process of moving and cleaning their home. Oddly enough I enjoyed sleeping on the floor. So far I think people have been so generous in this trip. Neds and Nick expecting in 7 weeks. That could be stressful indeed.

When I arrived Sunday noon, Pam shown me around the local Noosa beach and her local bar as we got to connect again.

For the first evening, they treated me, into my second barbie (Aussie braai). The first one was at Neds and Nick on the Friday, when I arrived. With me, ending up falling asleeping in front of the telly, jet legged with an Aussie beer in hand.

Pam and Tim took me by Noosa National Park close to Noosa Heads. On a park overlooking a marine with a barbie gas areas, common around the country. Perfect setting for the magnificent sunset. Even chatted with a local. Few minutes before the last of the sunset, we went over to watch the Noosa’s river mouth. And enjoying some lovely German beer.

On Monday, unexpected day of joy! First all, this was a day full of surprises. Pam, told me, we would do a hike to Noosa National Park a day before together. Due to the unexpected heaps of house clean up for their move. I had to do this on my own. I was unsure of it in the beginning since I had to do it by myself! In a area I don’t know. And I don’t usually do hikes.

That all changed, when I started hike and saw how magnificent the views of the Pacific Ocean and the surroundings. As I hiked the whole blue route, I was blown away with the nature and beauty of this place. I felt pitching myself and taking heaps of pictures which I promised myself not to in this trip. As I wanted to enjoy the Aussie moments without focusing on pictures.

I even passed the local nude beach on the blue route. With having blush moments and looking else where the whole time too. Sigh, as I was extremely hungry, I had to have my food on that beach. Since the stupid bird tried beforehand to take my food.

After finishing the last bit of the hike in the midday. I enjoyed my first swim in the Pacific Ocean. Also felt so safe leaving my bag unattended on the beach. While I enjoy the moment. Later in the afternoon, enjoyed time alone by the marine watching boats and sketching ideas for Moontu WaMoontu. Can’t wait to design these when I am back.

On the evening of my last night. There was a mentioned of a surprise. Well a great picnic that turned out. Little gem called Noosa National Park’s lookout view of Noosa. It was breathless. You’ll fight even mosquitoes to enjoy this view. Lovely seeing my first kookaburra too. And lastly, the evening ending with a stroll in in an idilic Noosa Heads town centre.

So many good memories. I was so blown away how beautiful this part of world. Missing this town. It was sad to say to goodbye to it.

I am not a morning person, awake at 5:30am today, for Pam and Tim’s move and clean up was a pleasure. And lovely Pam, going all out for dropping me off at Maroochyndore bus stop take my train in Nambour to Gold Coast. Melts my heart. Thank you. Till the next blog! Cheers.

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Happy Travels: Brisbane

Brisbane was my first starting point in Australia. On, Friday I got stopped at the airport immigration with as a sniffer dog checking my bags. Almost laughed as I was looking out for cameras as I though I was in ‘Border Security.’ But that was over within 2mins. And they let me through.

Otherwise, it has been a great start of my Australian holiday in Brisbane. Stayed in East Brisbane, a lovely neighbourhood, where my hosts, Neds and Nick are based.

The whole city is built around the river. The ferries, are one of the public transport used. On the Saturday, we used one of these and headed to Southbank. Similar to the London one. An amazing pool, park and entertainment area. This is ideal for tourists and a great summer hangout for the locals. Weather is also similar to Durban.

Everything in the city is modern and accessible. I couldn’t believe how easy and cheap to get your mobile number.

People are very chilled and laid back. As I noticed when we went to Eat Street Markets on Saturday eve. You’ll notice some of food and drinks are expensive. Example buying a beer would cost you around $8. Consider I would pay one third at home. We are lucky. Off course you have to understand the standard of living is different here too.

Just experiencing the short stay has been informative. I wish I could have stay longer. But next stop in Noosa.

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Happy New Year


Its been a crazy 2013. Hence why my blog has been neglected. There have been bad times, like my car breaking down on my way to the holiday, then having my phone & wallet get stolen twice.

To good moments like seeing my favourite bands / acts which are Skunk Anansie, Billy Talent, Linkin Park, Bring Me the Horizon, Chevelle, Rise Against, Michael McIntyre and Tim Hughes etc. I am thankful of able to visit my family, getting a new car, new adventures, starting new friendships and having the best flatmates. Lastly seeing my closest friends getting married. Oh the best Christmas Day and New Years Eve with friends.

Okay, last year wasn’t that bad except for the three bad months. Looking forward to 2014 with new exciting things to come!

Reflect & Refocus

Ok then, this will be my last blog for two months or so. Just getting myself refocusing on the blog and reflecting on a solid direction with this. Also few changes coming in my life. It seems like September to October will be busy. If miss my blog or you want to keep up, follow me on twitter!  So cheers for now!