Showcase: Vukukhanye Educare Centre

In 2005, I initial designed Vukukhaye’s corporate identity. Vukukhaye is an isiZulu word meaning “arise and shine.” There are a public benefit organisation with a vision for upliftment specifically children. I was approached to work on their Vukukhanye Educare Centre’s logo. A center focusing on quality preschool education to children. For more information or donating, please click here.

Love this City

I’ve picked up a few things I enjoyed and inspired about this city in-between, since I’ve been busy lately.


In brief. Last Monday, 19th March, I got excited about this. It was a creative event called 1LifeCreate held at my current church, Common Ground Church in Rondebosch. This is basically an event for Christian creatives to learn, network, share and be inspired. On the arrival in the beginning of the evening, The Kiffness played their sound of catchy and fun electronic music! Also with super cool videos playing in the background. Oh yeah, how can I forget the lovely yummy snack supplied. The best part of the night was the speaker, an artist called Phillip Barlow. He talked about his life’s journey, showcasing his artwork and sharing about his faith. Very inspiring work and artist. Lastly, there was great informative interviews from a photographer and a musician. This summed up the evening, being really amazing and wonderful interacting with the other creatives. I can’t wait for the next one!

Cape Town Carnival

This was my first time going to Cape Town Carnival on it’s third year on Saturday the 23rd March in Somerset Road. It was an enjoyable carnival with colourful costumers, amazing floats and great dancers. And some of the crowd seemed pleased seeing a guy jumping on a trampoline float to dancers moving like flamingos.

This carnival has the potential to rival Rio or Notting Hill Carnival. I’ve had a pleasure to view Notting Hill Carnival back in 2007 while I was in London. It was very colourful Afro-Caribbean carnival, maybe closest thing to Rio Carnival. It had constant floats going, various dancers, each floats with it’s own music or sound and just a great vibe etc. I did compare it with the Cape Town Carnival. This has a long way to go as I noticed, for a example – the floats were delayed, and timing for music & floats were consistent etc. I would love to see maybe few stands for people to see, not just from the big screens. As we viewed the carnival on a block of flats in which we didn’t even know one resident.

Even with these hiccups, I believe it’s still a young event with loads of amazing South Africa culture to showcase. So it’s one to look out.

The Car Guard Song

My latest favourite parody song from the Braaiday creators. I have been enjoying their Eminem & Rihanna parody about the guys who look after our cars – The Car Guards.

Read all about it. #1

One of my mate posted a share link on FB today with such a cool font graph.  Really enjoy it the play of the fonts and how the relate to different subject.

I usually follow Wired Magazine, currently they have an article about stem cell research it’s called ‘All Natural: Why Breasts Are the Key to the Future of Regenerative Medicine.’ It’s quite interesting article. Even thought I have my reservations about stem cell.

Sucked by the Mountain

Hello all. I’ve noticed I haven’t updated this blog for almost a year. It’s far too long. It’s whirlwind of the year in Cape Town, with life and work. But I’ve survived being near the mountain. Thank God and support of all my mates:)

Just little snippets of my friend’s blogs I’ve been following. One of my raddest friends, Keith, has launched a blog filled with his witty, comical and funny writing skills. Then my former colleague and friend, Mark’s blog has an incredible movie knowledge. Lastly Margie on her blog who journeys through the lives of the White River community.

Watch this space for new updates etc. Look out for an all new portifolio as soon I can get into it. Check out the web Summehtime campaign (almost in print) I just worked at Protea Hotels and soon to be removed portfolio site.